Six figure lump sum settlement for girl with burn and psychiatric injuries.

N was just 8 years old when she sustained horrific burn injuries and psychiatric injuries whilst on holiday with a family member in 2002. N sustained 50% full thickness burns to her face, anterior neck, upper chest wall, both arms, both thighs, right flank, back and patches on her legs and feet. She also sustained an inhalation injury and has been diagnosed with severe PTSD together with psychological injuries

In February 2009 the Court approved a six figure lump sum settlement.

A FOCIS member law firm took on N's case soon after the accident and began to assemble the evidence necessary to mount a claim against the Defendant, who was the family member. Fortunately he had the benefit of legal expense insurance attached to a policy of household contents insurance. 

The FOCIS member law firm initially ran into difficulties in terms of establishing the factual matrix caused by lack of contemporaneous evidence and a lack of a formal investigation by the Police or Fire Services. It was not appropriate to think direct evidence from the injured child.

Liability was eventually admitted.

Prior to the accident N had a love and passion for animals and in particular horses. This passion developed 3 fold after her injury and she found real comfort and solitude in horses. N's desire to be close to horses led to N and her family relocating so N could attend an equestrian school. This became a contentious issue between the parties. The FOCIS member law firm fought for this as it was one of N's only wishes and they finally secured future payment of these fees and N has proven to be an excellent pupil with her future looking promising.

N was a wonderful client and highly motivated to push herself at School. Clearly the case could not be settled until some years after the incident as treatment for physical and psychological injuries had to be tried and tested and a plan for future operations made, taking into account the growing teenager.

N's mother gave instructions in this lengthy and complex legal claim having to contend with the litigation, the life threatening injuries to her daughter, her daughter's succession of operative treatment, lengthy travel, her daughter's adjustment to her problems and financial difficulties. 

N and her mother were present at the Joint Settlement Meeting when the figures were agreed and then attended Court where the Judge praised N and her Mother for their patience and efforts over the years.


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