Margaret's Case

No radiological examination was ordered.
Margaret's condition was seen to deteriorate and an early warning score was noted at 4am on 19 February. This was not communicated to the clinicians. Further abnormal blood tests later that day indicated a likely inflammation or infection of the pancreas and an order for an urgent CT scan and intravenous antibiotics was made on the morning of 21 February. However, this order was subsequently cancelled although no reason was documented.
Margaret was discharged from hospital later that day without further tests, but sadly she died between 11pm that night and 6 am the following morning.
We represented Margaret's family at the Coroner's Inquest in March 2006. It became clear in evidence that system failures at the hospital had contributed to Margaret's death and the verdict of the Coroner was death by "natural causes following inappropriate discharge from hospital, due in part to failings in the system of communication".

Results of the case
It is not often that a Coroner will reach a verdict so strongly supportive of a presumption of negligence and, as a result, we hope to achieve a good settlement for Margaret's family in their civil claim against the hospital.



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